Friday, May 8, 2009


Sometimes we can't imagine things will happen too suddenly.2 days ago,one of my orchestra member passed away.She is too young.Never thought her sick will spread so fast.Although i'm not so close to her,but tears and sad in my heart...Wenqi,rest in peace ba....peoples there are praying and blessing u.

2 years ago,I had lost a dearest person,until now i'm still missing him..A friends did asked me a question.If our life were end tomorrow,What will u do??My mind is blanked.I am regret that i didn't cherish him well.I am the person who do not treasure things infront of me.
'because i will accept u however and whenever u are,If your heart is hurt and tears run down your face' ... at that time ....?><:"%&..................i won't forget and always remain in heart.

Let us cherish and love the person beside u....

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