Friday, May 8, 2009


Sometimes we can't imagine things will happen too suddenly.2 days ago,one of my orchestra member passed away.She is too young.Never thought her sick will spread so fast.Although i'm not so close to her,but tears and sad in my heart...Wenqi,rest in peace ba....peoples there are praying and blessing u.

2 years ago,I had lost a dearest person,until now i'm still missing him..A friends did asked me a question.If our life were end tomorrow,What will u do??My mind is blanked.I am regret that i didn't cherish him well.I am the person who do not treasure things infront of me.
'because i will accept u however and whenever u are,If your heart is hurt and tears run down your face' ... at that time ....?><:"%&..................i won't forget and always remain in heart.

Let us cherish and love the person beside u....

Monday, May 4, 2009

Life is so BEAUTIFUL

Life is so beautiful.
Life is full of hopes.
Life is what we are,and what we are chasing after.


Life is fragile
Lide is unpredictable
Life is so helpless that you can't even able to bargain with


No matter when,who and where you are
Love the love ones
Care the love ones
Show your love and care without hesitation
The most important is

Pray hard and bless hard for them.....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Boring holiday.... for 3 days,finally have to start work tomorrow.Nothing special on my public holiday.Not as before,holiday is an excited things to me..hahaha!!!Now???can't go here and there.But a things is,i can eat duck mee in Skudai.Just on holiday only i can eat.hehe...I think i still the same,always like to eat.Didn't take care of my health at all.But eat with JT&JY,still will control in eating.So i'll be more careful.Thanks to u all o...

Today didn't go to hospital.So i went practise in guo guang.Huh...didn't have an early information.Wang lao shi come to conduct.Practise 'puo shui jie'.I can't imagine i can play and manage to play the notes out.Am I clever??hehe..Two days ago i still tell them this song very very very hard.But how come today i can play out.Anyway today i'm very happy.I can say that i had improved a bit.Yeah...!!!love practise much.I hope won't skip even for a time.But things can't change.My health is still important.No choice for me to choose right now.Gonna skip practise again.Miss u all.....Nanyi gambateh!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Zhong Ruan Life

Today supposed to attend zhong ruan class.Every wednesday i will think of.Hmm..stop for a long time.Still missing the class and my teacher Zi Peng,who is a damn funny person.can say pahlia also,,haha,ooops,he won't know my blog.But if he take out his zhong ruan,how to say,a really good teacher and musician to me.When i can be like him??Celine,please stop dreaming lo...Soon,i will resume back my class.Playing zhong ruan is a relaxing to me..

Suddenly want to write some of my history from the 1st day i learn this instrument..
It's me me and me........

I passed my grade 4 exam on 2008.In this grade 4,so panic.Though sure fail but still can get!!!happy happy happy....I still remember the day the result out.wahpiang,jying keep let me guessing here and there.Finally....MERIT

See,I haved doned my exam.This is my 1st time having the exam.The named wrote inside is my name o.CELINE LOI SHOU LENG.haha..Actually i'm not play well.Just that the examiner let me free..If strictly they do,i confirm won't get pass.But i'm still very very very happy when i know the result.

My zhong ruan,a gift from my 2 bestfriend. Long time didn't touch it,the wood already turned a bit black.

The lyrics of zin she quang wu...My grade 3 exam song

I still remember,we are playing the jin she kuang wu.This is the time i started to learn zhong ruan.Practise very hard de lo..Wan Piang teach me some that i don't understand,accompany me to practise also.hehe...I'm so enjoyed.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Work Hard,Study Hard

A cold weather in the morning makes me lazy to work for a whole day.thinking of all the job claims on my hand,fainted..

When i reach office,my mind changed when i see my boss, my table, and all the files on my table.Suddenly become so pressure and can't cool down.Just a word in my mind..that is 'RESIGN'.haha..finally relax for a while and think about a few friend problem in company,i think mine is a very good company from the 1st day i work.I think my attitude towards boss is not so good.Am I too Over???!!!Actually i should be grateful to him coz he know my health problem and always need to take leave and so on,still hired me back and gave me a chance to learn more things.Yes,my target is to be an ADJUSTER.This career is interesting to me.I hope i won't choose the wrong road.Just hope i can past the exam and get the license asap.

For the coming 5 years from now on,hope i can make a success to myself and enjoy what i'm doing.5 years is a precious time to me.Who's know what will happen tomorrow,right?My good friends, please support me o...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Leave me,Take me

Every single blog that I write exactly reflects my feelings and story for the day.You might be cross,IF you were in my shoes,you would know.

I seems silly..but....It's just me,leave me or take me (@v@)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's a long road

Oh my god!!!!!!today is a big hot hot hot day.till i wanna die.Today didn't go for work because in the morning i went to sg for check up..Thinking to go sg is a big problem for me.Our new custom,such a long road to walk.Around 20 mins to the custom.The government should think a way of not wasting the places.Why im saying this is because walk from the main door till to the check point just need around not more than 10 mins. Another 10 mins is a waste of time to walk.Walk halfway already don't have energy.Celine is a lousy ppl now.haha..before this i'm an active person,now is too weak.After went to hospital,i met a friend and eat lunch.I love sg mee pok.Everytime i went sg also will eat mee other food.somemore sg food not friend is so good,will survey which place mee pok is nice and bring me to eat whenever i went to sg. Thanks to u!!!After lunch it's time to back JB.Against,lazy to back home because thinking of to walk again to custom.As i slowly walk to bus lane,i saw many ppl run here and there.hmm..such a tired to work in sg.But it's for living.Everything also need money.I also need to plan well for my life and save money.My health can be good well if i have money,is it??!!yes..gambateh...