Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's a long road

Oh my god!!!!!!today is a big hot hot hot day.till i wanna die.Today didn't go for work because in the morning i went to sg for check up..Thinking to go sg is a big problem for me.Our new custom,such a long road to walk.Around 20 mins to the custom.The government should think a way of not wasting the places.Why im saying this is because walk from the main door till to the check point just need around not more than 10 mins. Another 10 mins is a waste of time to walk.Walk halfway already don't have energy.Celine is a lousy ppl now.haha..before this i'm an active person,now is too weak.After went to hospital,i met a friend and eat lunch.I love sg mee pok.Everytime i went sg also will eat mee other food.somemore sg food not friend is so good,will survey which place mee pok is nice and bring me to eat whenever i went to sg. Thanks to u!!!After lunch it's time to back JB.Against,lazy to back home because thinking of to walk again to custom.As i slowly walk to bus lane,i saw many ppl run here and there.hmm..such a tired to work in sg.But it's for living.Everything also need money.I also need to plan well for my life and save money.My health can be good well if i have money,is it??!!yes..gambateh...


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  2. u r long as u feel mee pok is nice,i'll bring u there again..
    take care...miss ya