Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Work Hard,Study Hard

A cold weather in the morning makes me lazy to work for a whole day.thinking of all the job claims on my hand,fainted..

When i reach office,my mind changed when i see my boss, my table, and all the files on my table.Suddenly become so pressure and can't cool down.Just a word in my mind..that is 'RESIGN'.haha..finally relax for a while and think about a few friend problem in company,i think mine is a very good company from the 1st day i work.I think my attitude towards boss is not so good.Am I too Over???!!!Actually i should be grateful to him coz he know my health problem and always need to take leave and so on,still hired me back and gave me a chance to learn more things.Yes,my target is to be an ADJUSTER.This career is interesting to me.I hope i won't choose the wrong road.Just hope i can past the exam and get the license asap.

For the coming 5 years from now on,hope i can make a success to myself and enjoy what i'm doing.5 years is a precious time to me.Who's know what will happen tomorrow,right?My good friends, please support me o...

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