Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Zhong Ruan Life

Today supposed to attend zhong ruan class.Every wednesday i will think of.Hmm..stop for a long time.Still missing the class and my teacher Zi Peng,who is a damn funny person.can say pahlia also,,haha,ooops,he won't know my blog.But if he take out his zhong ruan,how to say,a really good teacher and musician to me.When i can be like him??Celine,please stop dreaming lo...Soon,i will resume back my class.Playing zhong ruan is a relaxing to me..

Suddenly want to write some of my history from the 1st day i learn this instrument..
It's me me and me........

I passed my grade 4 exam on 2008.In this grade 4,so panic.Though sure fail but still can get!!!happy happy happy....I still remember the day the result out.wahpiang,jying keep let me guessing here and there.Finally....MERIT

See,I haved doned my exam.This is my 1st time having the exam.The named wrote inside is my name o.CELINE LOI SHOU LENG.haha..Actually i'm not play well.Just that the examiner let me free..If strictly they do,i confirm won't get pass.But i'm still very very very happy when i know the result.

My zhong ruan,a gift from my 2 bestfriend. Long time didn't touch it,the wood already turned a bit black.

The lyrics of zin she quang wu...My grade 3 exam song

I still remember,we are playing the jin she kuang wu.This is the time i started to learn zhong ruan.Practise very hard de lo..Wan Piang teach me some that i don't understand,accompany me to practise also.hehe...I'm so enjoyed.

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